Reasons 2020 is Your Year to Look at Houses For Sale in The Gambia

12th December 2019
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Gambia is a small country located in West Africa that offers plenty of real estate investment opportunities and value for money. When looking at houses for sale in Gambia many people are shocked at how affordably priced they are, which makes it easy to grab a bargain! There are many areas in Gambia that provide beautiful homes, scenery and an array of things to do, whilst living amongst wonderful Gambian culture. 

Gambian Culture and Language 

One of the best things about this culture is that everyone is made to feel welcome, the country is known as “The Smiling Coast of West Africa”, because of how friendly Gambians are. There are many ethnic groups in the country, with all of them possessing their own unique values and traditions. When first arriving in Gambia it’s not uncommon to be greeted with open arms by locals, in a way which will immediately leave you feeling welcome! 

The dress code in Gambia is very traditional, female Gambians usually wear long, free-flowing clothes usually made of beautiful bright colours and designs, which in recent years a lot of high-end designers have taken inspiration from for their clothing ranges. 

English is the official language in Gambia, so if you are looking for houses for sale in Gambia, language needn’t be a barrier. There are also numerous tribal languages- Mandinka and Wolof being the most common. West Africa is known for being one of the most bilingual areas on Earth, with there being 10 languages spoken in the whole of Gambia alone, so you may come back speaking something other than English, such as;

Mandingo (38%), Pulaar (21%), Wolof (18%), Soninke (9%), Jola (4.5%), Serer (2.4%), Manjak (1.6%), Bainoul (1.6%), Portugease Creole (1%) .

Weather in The Gambia

What draws many people to look for houses for sale in Gambia is the weather, you will never be short of sunshine here! With temperatures typically seeing highs of 29-34°C, all year round. However, the colder months (November-January) see nighttime temperatures drop 10°C lower than day time ones, still significantly hotter than the UK! The end of May is when the start of rainfall begins, increasing to August what sees around 500mm of rain, despite this, the average temperature during the day remains around 30-34°C! It is said that the weather in Gambia offers some of the most pleasant climate conditions and temperatures in the whole of Africa, so if you’re wanting a sunnier life in 2020 Gambia is the place. 

Things To Do 

Gambia is known for its wildlife and plays home to an assortment of animals both large and small. Seeing animals roaming around in their natural habitat is a magical experience that all ages can enjoy! Some of the wonderful animals you may come across here, or may see on a safari are; hippos, Crocodiles, Monkeys/ Primates, 560 species of Birds, Lions, Giraffes, Elephants, and the list goes on! 

There is plenty more to offer from this amazing place! Some of the most popular things to do include; relaxing on an unspoilt beach, visiting the local markets, going on a river cruise, visiting nature reserves, exploring the capital of Banjul, visiting Kunta Kinteh Island, visiting one of the many national parks or visiting one of the many beautiful mosques. Gambia is a perfect location for people who would enjoy a life in the sun and keeping themselves busy! 

Best Places to Look for Houses For Sale in Gambia 

Bijilo, a small picturesque resort located just 8km from the capital. This was once an old farming village that has been transformed into an idyllic residential area, with lovely modern houses, shops, beachside cafes, restaurants, and bars. The beautiful beaches consist of golden sand and crystal clear water, there are some areas of the beach still surrounded by wild greenery and palm trees, so you can spend a lot of your days sunbathing on a tropical island. Bijilo offers a variety of houses for sale, as well as apartments, lodges, and bungalows. 

Brufut is slightly quieter than Bijilo, it is a traditional town so if you’re looking for more peace and quiet, this is the place. This area is quickly becoming one of the most sought after regions for property in Gambia, therefore buying a house or land here could be an extremely valuable investment opportunity for you. The beach is located a few kilometers from the inland, the beach is lined with golden sand and palm trees. 

2020 is the perfect year to look for houses in Gambia, as it is predicted that local authorities are continuing to invest in the area, as well as property developers. The stunning beaches, things to do and the wonderful culture are three of the key selling points to this amazing place! 

If you’re looking to find the perfect house for sale in Gambia, or any other type of property, so you can begin a relaxing life, Blue Ocean are happy to help! If you have any questions or need further assistance in your search, don’t hesitate to contact us! 

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