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Rentals in The Gambia, West Africa

Published on 18th October 2021

The Gambia


The Gambia is a beautiful West African country that lies on the Atlantic coast and provides a unique lifestyle. With a current population of around 2.4 million, The Gambia is known for its extremely friendly culture. The Gambia’s residents believe that life is a gift and should be treasured as well as being eager to share with others. Allowing everyone to feel warm and welcome, the people of Gambia provide an extremely positive atmosphere. The moderate pace of life in The Gambia is great for those seeking a relaxed lifestyle.

Known for the golden beaches along the Atlantic coast, The Gambia provides marvellous views to its residents and visitors. The tropical climate allows you to take advantage of the fantastic country. With the summer climate typically reaching up to 34°c, the glorious weather provides the opportunity to explore the phenomenal destination and participate in an abundance of activities. 

Offering a great range of activities for multiple lifestyles, you will definitely find something for everyone here! From visiting wildlife such as monkeys, hippos, hyenas, leopards and rare birds, to relaxing on the golden beaches while soaking up the glorious sun, you will never get bored! Not to mention, there are plenty of tours including sightseeing, safari, cultural and eco-tours which are great for all ages.

West Africa

Famous for its cultural diversity and rich history, West Africa offers a pleasant climate, breathtaking natural beauty, low cost of living and good healthcare. These are just some of the many reasons The Gambia appeals to those looking to relocate. Being the westernmost region of Africa, The Gambia obtains many ex-pats of all ages each year.


Rentals in The Gambia

The rentals we have to offer here at Blue Ocean are truly beautiful and provide significant amenities. Starting from around US $1,000 / pcm and ranging up to around US $5,000 / pcm, the charming rentals we have for to offer are suitable for a range of budgets.

Blue Ocean

Renting property in The Gambia would be great, as the community is lovely making it a family-friendly environment, there are multiple activities to participate in and there is an abundance of beautiful wildlife.

Here at Blue Ocean, we maintain a full-time team of well-trained Gambian real estate professionals. Our highly skilled staff are dedicated to the services we offer and aim to establish long-term relationships by always prioritising our clients. If you are interested in renting property in The Gambia, contact us today!


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