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A Guide to Banjul, Gambia

Published on 14th December 2020

The capital and fourth-largest city in The Gambia, Banjul is a small west African country bordered by Senegal. Despite being the least populated capital on the African mainland, Banjul is brimming with history and culture. Known as Gambia’s commercial and transportation centre, Banjul welcomes visitors into the town to experience not only the Heritage museum and national parks but the culture and daily life of the locals.

Sitting on an island, the capital city not only offers amazing views and scenery but it also provides you with plenty of sunny beach resorts where you can soak up the warm climate as well as numerous bustling markets where you can experience the local culture.


Renowned for having two separate seasons, Banjul is the perfect location to take advantage of the Gambian climate. Despite the year-round warm weather, Gambia does experience a wet season usually between the months of June to October with the sun still shining through allowing you to get out and enjoy the warm weather on the beautiful beaches during the day. 

Due to having a warm climate all year round this time of year can also be referred to as ‘The Green Season’, due to the plants and vegetation being starved for so long. As soon as this season begins Gambia comes back to life.

Things to do in Banjul?

Whether you are attracted to Banjul for the scenery, culture or climate, there is a brilliant range of things to do in Banjul or Gambia as a whole. Being home to the African Heritage Museum as well as plenty of markets and stalls, you can discover the traditional and cultural side of Gambia.

As a result of being situated on an island, Banjul has plenty of sunny beach resorts where you can take full advantage of the Gambia climate and enjoy a relaxing day at the beach. Although if you require a more active lifestyle, Banjul is home to nature resorts and natural parks where monkeys, birds, hippos and hyenas are free to roam in the wild allowing you to experience them first hand in their natural habitat.

Banjul is also home to plenty of local bars and eateries offering great food at a great quality. With plenty of international restaurants on offer, from Italian to Indian and Chinese, Banjul also offers plenty of authentic Gambian restaurants where you can discover the local cuisine and traditional dishes. One example is Benachin which translates to ‘one-pot’ which can be cooked with any meat but more traditionally fish, and Okra Stew which is made with beef, fish onions and of course Okra.

Property Market, Banjul
At Blue Ocean, we have a range of properties in various locations and we’re always looking for more properties to offer our clients. Property in Banjul can be a fantastic investment however if you cannot get a property in Banjul itself, the surrounding areas have fantastic access to the capital, so you will never be far away from the lively location of Banjul.

What’s next?

When it comes to The Gambia real estate market, Blue Ocean Properties know it well. There are many reasons why you could buy a property and many why you could rent. Depending on your circumstances, we will be happy to guide you in the right direction giving you advice on what will work best for you. If you are interested in any properties on our website or if you have any questions, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch:

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