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Property Investment in Brufut

Published on 4th December 2020
Gambia Beach Setting

Brufut is located in the western division of the Gambia and it resides only a few kilometres from the coast. It is fair to say that Brufut has seen great, new infrastructure in recent years and it is perfectly located near to Banjul, the economic centre, Serrekunda and the tourist hot-spot, Senegambia Strip.


We previously created a guide featuring more information about Brufut and what it could offer you and your family. We mention the fabulous Brufut beach that has a wide stretch of golden sand and is often described as paradise. The subtropical climate that provides temperatures between 25 and 30°C all year round and more information about Brufut.


In this article, we will look into what property investment opportunities Blue Ocean have on display for you to take advantage of. We have Brufut property ready for rent or purchase. There is a high demand for housing in Brufut so the area is fast developing. With building already underway in many estates, now is a great time to invest in property in Brufut as prices are expected to rise. We are in the process of developing our own range of properties that will provide a first-class investment opportunity.


Property investment can provide you with a great source of income. You can get a hold of a fantastic asset in an area of the world that has and is continuing to see exponential growth.

Investing In Brufut, The Gambia


One thing a lot of people are put off by when investing in property abroad is restrictions, guarantees, taxes and other areas regarding finance. The government of the Gambia has over the years displayed rare solidarity with the principles of a free market, enterprise, and developing real estate. 


It is fair to say that the Gambia has firmly established its foothold as a secure investment destination. The laws and conveyancing norms with regards to properties are similar to the system adopted in the United Kingdom. Another thing to remember is that the Gambia has displayed an exemplary level of growth within the tourism industry, seeing a rise in visitors typically between 15-18% a year! The improvement in infrastructure has seen the Gambia rise in popularity, the country is extremely well-connected in terms of flights considering its size.


At Blue Ocean, we can help you get in on an investment opportunity before it is too late. The Gambia could be described as a goldmine for real estate investors.

Our Property for Sale in Brufut


Take a look at this Three-bedroom luxury villa under construction in Brufut. This property has a modern design, which includes: an open floor plan living room with a dining and kitchen area, as well as 3 large en suite bedrooms with accompanying balconies. This property has a one-car garage and ample parking space is available in the estate.


We also have a similar property underway that features four bedrooms. The property also has a very modern design with large bedrooms and also ample parking space. The property comes with 4 en suites with the three 1st floor bedrooms having balconies and the master bedroom having an inbuilt closet. The House has open floor plan living, dining and kitchen areas and also has a 1 car garage.

Property Investment 101


How can we help you invest in a property that can provide you with a great asset for the future? Quite simply, we’re the experts in property development and investment within the Gambia. We are always selling property and building new homes to help customers achieve their goals. Investing in a property cannot be easier in the Gambia, we can help you throughout the process! All of the homes listed on our website provide different opportunities for you, realise the potential in Gambia and Brufut to be exact!

Blue Ocean Properties


Our mission at Blue Ocean Properties is to provide clients with exemplary homes that are affordable, thereby improving living standards. We also aim to give partners and clients valuable real estate advice. Whether investing for your future or for a business venture, Blue Ocean Properties have years of experience dealing with real estate in The Gambia.


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